Royal Navy S class (group3) submarine

About the model

This twin screw model has been designed to operate on 4 channel radio control and can submerge from stationary, using an air pump system, or in motion using forward dive speed. When completed the mouldings make up into a handsome and attractive large model typical of the most active RN submarine of WWII.

Our model is for one of the 51 boats of the ‘Group 3’ variants ordered in 1935 and launched 1942/3.

Prototype history (click)
The Royal Navy decided in 1930 to design a new class of submarine to replace its ageing fleet of ‘H’ class vessels, thus was the medium sized ‘S class’ conceived. Designed principally to operate in the North Sea and restricted areas such as the Mediterranean. With her high speed manoeuvrability, short dive time and range the ‘S class’ was extremely successful so much so that 63 boats of the class were eventually built.
Model specifications (click)

Model length 68.5″ (1740mm)
Hull beam 7″
Scale 1:38

What's in the kit (click)

Kit contains:

  • Hull
  • top casing
  • conning tower
  • rudder
  • front dive / rear dive vanes
  • 1 drawing – old Darnell drawing

Price £275.00 not including postage and packing

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