R.N.L.I. Waveney

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R.N.L.I. Waveney Lifeboat.

Prototype history (click)
R.N.L.I. THE SCOUT No. 44-018.
44ft. Waveney Class Lifeboat.
Originally developed from a U.S. Coast Guard design the Waveney Class was the first fast afloat lifeboat with a maximum speed of 15knots. Her hull of steel with aluminium superstructure shape gave her a self-righting capability.
The full size drawings is of the Hartlepool lifeboat The Scout No.44-018. The hull is moulded with the full keel, accurate for the whole class any one of the 23 boats built to this design can be made, also of course you may wish to build her as one of the 63 U.S. Coast Guard Cutter versions.
At the largish scale, this is not a difficuly model to make, easily tackled by the beginner, powered by 545 type motors and R/C. with her colourful paintwork she looks a pretty and atractive model on the water, her high forecastle also allows her to take heavy water in her stride.
Model specifications (click)

Scale 1:15
Length 36″
Beam 9″

What's in the kit (click)

Kit contains:

  • Hull (Only)

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