German Type XXI U Boat “U2511”

About the model

The type XXI boats were designed from a sketch by Admiral Doenitz himself, they were of double hull streamlined design.

Prototype history (click)
The construction was from pre-fabricated parts assembled quickly on the launching slips, the original order placed in late 1943 was for 200 units, this was later increased to over 1200 units. However only 118 boats were eventually built.
Range on the surface was 15000 ,miles and she could maintain a submerged sprint speed of 16 knots for 1 hour.
However running at 4 knots submerged she could stay down for 3 days, then using a snorkel could clear air and recharge batteries in about 3 hours. These were the first of a class that if introduced earlier could have changed the outcome of WWII.
Model specifications (click)

Model length: 64″ (1625mm)
Hull Beam:5.5/8″
Scale 1:48

What's in the kit (click)

Kit contains:

  • Hull
  • Set of rudder / vanes
  • A Drawing

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